Worst interview answer hiring manager has ever heard – that ended with call to police

When it comes to job interviews, candidates are likely feeling a lot of pressure, so you shouldn’t be too surprised if they make a mistake or say something a little silly.

But there’s a big difference between a slight slip-up and behaving downright bizarrely – and according to hiring managers, people have done some really weird things during interviews.

A thread on Reddit, which has recently resurfaced, asked hiring managers to share the most ‘wtf is wrong with this person’ moment they had experienced during an interview.

The responses did not disappoint, with one even confessing that a job interview ended with them calling the police.

They said: “I asked an applicant what kind of hobbies he took part in and he told me he collected random things that ‘pretty’ women threw away.

“When the interview was over, I called the police and gave his résumé to them.”

Oh lord!

Another wrote: “Hiring for a Senior Dev position. Had a telephone interview and she seemed confident and competent so I flew her down for an on-site interview. She calls not me but the front desk reception and says she can’t drive in a big city and needs a car to pick her up and she refuses to get the rental car we reserved

“Call is transferred to me and I tell her to take the train, no, she says, too scary. I tell her to go to the taxi stand and take that, nope afraid of taxis. She wants a corp limo to pick her up and nothing else will do. She is adamant.

“I put her on hold, have a chat with my boss who says just send her home, she’s too much work if she can’t even handle this. I tell her thank you for taking the time to fly down but not even our own VPs get that treatment and to go ahead and change your ticket to fly home, now. She then starts telling me she will take a taxi, etc. I said please don’t bother it will be a waste of everyone’s time, thank you, goodbye.”

A third replied: “She listed all of her ex-boyfriends who currently worked there and said she couldn’t wait to see the look on their faces when she showed up to work.

“This was in the first three minutes of the interview so I wasn’t even close to offering the job yet. I cut the interview right there and sent her on her way.

But it gets worse…

Someone else commented: “This one guy was interviewing for a kids job at a school and then casually slips in the conversation how ungrateful children are then tried rubbing it in that they would not be able to withstand PRISON LIKE HE DID.”

While a different user added: “I once received a resume that was just a list of around 20 places someone had worked with the reason they had been fired next to each one.”

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