Teacher left baffled after mum emails her to ask if she’s drinking alcohol in class

Well, this is awkward.

One teacher’s return to the ‘normal’ school routine took an unexpected turn recently.

The teacher detailed the embarrassing incident on TikTok, and it’s left others in hysterics, while others fumed.

Yes, just a few weeks back in the classroom and it’s all gone wrong.

The teacher, who works on the Upper East side shared the exchange in a video that has racked up more than 700,000 views.

In it, the concerned parent writes: “I hope you had a great weekend.

“Julian came home twice this past week saying you were drinking Margaritas in the classroom during school hours.

“Surely this can’t be the case but I wanted to reach out for an explanation before I elevate this to administration.

“Why are you talking about this during class? Where would he get this idea?”

It turns out the teacher had been drinking fizzy water that was ‘Strawberry Margarita’ flavour.

So zero booze was being drunk in class – much to everyone’s relief.

The video sparked a debate in the comments – with many saying that she acted rudely by presuming something was going on.

One person wrote: “That parent could have, I dunno, not been an a**hole towards the end there.”

The teacher agreed, responding: “Exactly! Totally fine with the check-in. Silly misunderstanding. But stop there.”

Another commented: “If we were going to analyse all the disrespectful and rude things in this parent email, we’d be here all day.”

Another commented: “Wow ‘before I elevate this to administration’ is one of the rudest things I’ve ever seen in an email.”

In a follow-up video, the teacher shared the email she wrote back, clarifying that she wasn’t drinking alcohol in class.

She added: “I can assure you that Margaritas were neither consumed nor discussed in the classroom last week.

“I did, however, try out a new seltzer flavour called “Strawberry Margarita’, I’ve attached a photo. I assume that Julian read the flavour on the bottle.

People praised the teacher for her response, with one commenting: “Parents really do be looking for anything to report.”

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