Prankster orders 7ft steel penis to be left outside friend’s house as birthday ‘gift’

A prankster wanting to give his friend a birthday he’d never forget ordered a 7ft metal penis with a delivery that would ensure “maximum visibility and embarrassment”.

The order was put through to steel fabricator Latham’s Steel Doors, who admitted it was one of the weirdest requests ever received.

The workshop said that after confirming there were no bad intensions behind the prank, they decided to satisfy the request as it would cheer up staff – and the birthday boy – after the past lockdown year.

The customer’s specifications for the designers made the whole order even more hilarious, the Daily Star reports.

They said that the order must be as follows: “At least 7ft tall and delivered outside the house surreptitiously to ensure maximum visibility and embarrassment.

“Self standing and thick enough to make it difficult to get rid of.

“Welded to make it difficult to take apart.

“Engraved with a happy birthday message.

“Wrapped with enough polystyrene balls so that, when opened, they’d have to clean that up too.

“Galvanised so that they could keep it in their garden if they wanted to keep it.”

And, the staff at Latham’s Steel Doors fulfilled the naughty prank order perfectly by delivering an enormous metal penis made from four large sheets of steel.

With no room for cock ups, expert designers got to work putting together a computer model, MyLondon reports.

Using a laser cutter this was then used to cut two identical steel 2D penises, which were were slotted together and welded, creating the steel behemoth.

Then it was all wrapped up and still looking particularly penisy, left outside the recipient home in Oldbury, West Midlands.

Latham Steel Doors said: “In the end our customer told us the recipient thought it was the funniest gift he’s ever received, our warehouse and design staff had had a bit of a laugh and, at least for a day, the lockdown boredom lull was temporarily received.”

However, while the buyer was thrilled with the bigger than life penis, it seems their birthday boy wanted to flog it.

The 7ft penis statue was spotted on Facebook Marketplace just a day later with a hefty price tag of £123.

Let’s hope the birthday penis does the rounds when prankster pals get their mitts on it.

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