My son wants to change his name because of who we named him after’

A dad says his son’s decision to change his name due to its association is tearing the family apart.

Appealing for advice online, the man explained that when his son was born, he and his wife named their child after his wife’s brother.

His son is now 25, but recently the uncle that he had inspired his name passed away and his death revealed that he had been living a “secret double life” and had a second family which he had kept hidden by saying he was ‘traveling for business’ for years.

Following the shock news, the dad says his son wants to change his name to get rid of the link to his uncle and that he completely supports the decision.

However, he said his wife “hates this idea” and it led to a huge argument within the family as she said she will refuse to go to their son’s wedding if he goes through with the name change.

He wrote on Reddit: “My wife is now trying to get me on her side. She wants to threaten to disown him and cut him out of the will.

“I however think my son should do what he wants. He’s an adult and forcing him isn’t going to do anything. She keeps saying I’m encouraging him and I’m not making the situation better.

“Me and my wife have now been arguing and she’s been giving me the silent treatment. She now constantly goes to her sister’s house to cool down.”

Many people commented to reassure the dad that his reaction had been the right one, with one person writing: “Your son is an adult and can make his own choices. Your wife doesn’t have to like it, but she can’t control him.

“Threatening to boycott his wedding because she doesn’t like his personal choices is petty and childish. Let your son handle this one. Both the name change and how he handles your wife’s reaction to it are his business, not yours.”

A second wrote: “Your son is a legal adult. If he wants to change his name, he can. [Your wife] is damaging her relationship with your son over this and wants you to do the same.”

And another added: “Giving her the benefit of the doubt because she is grieving. Give her some time to process things. In the end it is your son’s decision.”

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